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I paid Amit Garg monies to complete websites, apps, and other projects for friends of mine and nothing they have done is done to completion, or correctly.When I try to tell him issues he claims that he has 100 other projects and noone except me, (right) is complaining to him.

We have communicate extensively through emails and he has yet to correct any issues I have raised. He is also working a full time position at a company and trying to start small side companies so he uses a variety of names to disguise himself. Most companies in India are not worthwhile. The only one that is must be busy.

He is a SCAM.


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I am facing the same issue with Amit Garg of Devoir Technologies!He is very smart and can promise you the world but that is all rubbish!

I have all the evidence to show how terrible his work etiquette is and all his fake promises

I agree with you!Please avoid him or his company!

Chicago, Illinois, United States #870600

This is all false allegations, the developer did good job to the apps but client always kept on changing the flow still the app was delivered to client successfully. We have got our apps done from him

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